Find out how children played at home during the early 1900s and try to notice what the biggest differences are with today’s toys and games. Teddy bears had been a new craze in the early 1900s. The German toymaker Richard Steiff made the finest bears of all but when war broke out, German teddies became unthinkable. British toymakers rushed to make patriotic British bears instead. Watch the story of how Tommy goes on a mission to find new toys, when he discovers his sister's bear is German. Follow him and his neighbour, Isa, as they talk about what games they played and the toys that they could buy at the local toy shop. Eventually, Tommy is helped in his quest to buy a British teddy bear.

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Children could discuss all the toys that they enjoy playing with at home and then set the task of discussing the same with parents and grandparents at home. By preparing pictures or even a presentation, they could be asked to compare and contrast toys throughout history in living memory and beyond. They could invite someone to come in and tell the class what they played with when they were at school. They could record their findings in a classroom display.