We meet members of the Hertha Berlin youth football team and hear about their ambitions for the future. They all plan to become professional footballers and tell us where they hope to play. We learn the names for the different positions. Then we see them training in preparation for a semi-final match. The team play well and win.

This clip is from:
Being German
First broadcast:
13 March 2009

Could be used to introduce football and sports vocabulary. Show the clip a couple of times and then ask the children to guess the meaning of 'Stürmer', 'Abwehr' and 'Torwart'. Maybe they can guess just looking at the word 'Stürmer' - which word is hiding in it (Sturm - storm). Are any pupils in the class playing football? Ask them what their position is and give them the German words for it.
Invite the children to be sports commentators using the words and phrases from the clip. Show the scenes of the semi-final match with the sound turned down and ask the children to comment on what is happening: 'Toooor! Wir haben gewonnen!'