Electricity is made at a power station and travels down large cables to people's houses. This electricity is known as mains power and is very dangerous. It can kill, so children should never play near it. Mains electricity is just a big circuit so when you plug something in at home, you complete the circuit from your house to the power station and back again. Power stations are like a battery and provide the push. They make electricity by burning fuels such as coal or gas.

First broadcast:
9 October 2007

This clip can be used when exploring electricity. Perhaps start with asking the children to come up with a list of appliances which are powered by electricity (including batteries). Can the children think of appliances which work without electricity, eg which are hand powered?
You could also show this clip as a starting point when finding out about electrical circuits. Perhaps help the children to create an electrical circuit themselves lighting a light bulb. You could also show the children images of electrical circuits and ask them to predict if they would work or not.