It is Saturday morning, the children are playing and the Jourde family prepare to go shopping in Lyon. We see their shopping list, and later at the local market we see them buying the various items including vegetables, cheese and sausage. We then see an interview with Hakim M'Barek at his supermarket where he lists the ingredients needed for a tartiflette he is going to make for friends. He asks an assistant for a pair of socks in a particular size.

This clip is from:
Ma France, Episode 1
First broadcast:
24 April 2007

Can be used to introduce food and drink vocabulary and transactional language when shopping in a market or in a supermarket. Grammatically, this can be used to introduce the partitive, having revised gender and the definite pronoun. Pupils could each bring in a different product (ideally French) so that a market is set up in the class; this can be used as a stimulus for practising transactional language.