The built environment can be designed to prevent crime. Discusses how crime can be designed out of residential areas, by providing defensible space, high visibility policing and changing road layouts. The Meadowell Estate is used as an example. The value of consulting residents in the process of designing out crime is considered. A number of specific strategies which have been taken to reduce the possibility of crime - the provision of defensible space and the layout of roads for better surveillance - are outlined.

This clip is from:
Mapping Crime
First broadcast:
22 February 2008

Can be used to discuss methods of designing out crime. Discuss how changes in the physical environment - roads and housing - can lead to a reduction in crime. Discuss why local residents should have some say in the plans to improve the estate. Discuss how the provision of defensible space and the layout of the buildings improve security. Discuss how the use of CCTV cameras can help improve security.