The BBC National Orchestra of Wales with Andy Pidcock singing the ‘La, La, La’ song. There is an opportunity for students to follow Andy’s simple instructions as he sings this interactive call and response song. The clip is supported by Makaton signing and Widgit symbols and is suitable for children with special educational needs (SEN).

First broadcast:
4 May 2011

This song is a perfect introduction to 'follow on' songs and activities. Challenge the children to take on the role of leader and to create their own musical patterns for the other members of the group to follow. Encourage the children to be varied and creative in their choice of pattern to be followed. This may include experimentation with voices (spoken or sung), sounds made by musical instruments or body parts (such as claps, clicks or taps), or, where spoken language is a difficulty, Makaton signs or gestures. Add touches of humour; nonsense words could be used to entertain or amuse, or pupils could try to use different voices. For older children this could enhance learning about concepts such as ‘timbre’ and ‘dynamics’. Consideration of seating is important here. A circle is a desired option as this allows all pupils in the class to communicate, respond and interact with each other and the teacher during activities. The use of another 'follow on' song, 'I am the Music Man and I can play.....' could be beneficial in revisiting this concept of turn-taking and leading the group.