Turtle is hungry so he follows the smell of food until it takes him to the spider Anansi's house. She reluctantly allows him in to share her food but tricks him and he leaves hungry. Despite this, he invites Anansi to dinner if she ever feels hungry. One day she turns up - but will she be fed?

This clip is from:
Anansi and Turtle (French)
First broadcast:
9 February 2009

The first scene in the clip could be stopped and students could guess where the tale is taking place. In pairs, students could use dictionaries to make a list in French of five items which Turtle may have to consider eating as he is so hungry. Students could watch the clip and check if any of their items were mentioned. In pairs or small groups, students could look up and agree on a set of words to describe the characters and their personalities. Groups could swap lists and say if they agree or not using previously taught opinion phrases or a speaking frame. Students could be asked to retell or summarise the story in writing, through pictures or drama. Note: an English version of this clip is available with the title 'Anansi and Turtle' (animation).