A detective puts forward ridiculous evidence obtained during an investigation into a crime. The evidence was obtained on five occasions. The first ‘evidence’ is a photograph of green socks. This was obtained using a camera inside a briefcase which is why the angle is so low. The second ‘evidence’ is of the top of someone’s head so we can only see ‘long, black hair’ and came as a result of using a camera in a hat. The third piece of information is blue shoes as a result of belt with a camera. The last pieces of evidence are a yellow shirt and purple trousers. During the revelations, a police officer encourages the detective, whilst their superior treats the 'evidence' with the disdain it deserves. Whilst looking over all the ‘evidence’ the police chief walks in – and it becomes clear from what he is wearing that the photos are of him.

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The class could be given a list of vocabulary to identify and tick off as they watch. They could then put the words into groups according to which sub topic they come under - colours, clothes, adjectives describing personality and adjectives describing physical appearance. Alternatively, generate a grid with the names of each character along the top and items of clothing and personality adjectives down the side. Students tick the relevant information for each character. The class could have their own identity parade using different clothing props and adopting different personalities: tímido, hablador etc. The rest of the class would then have to describe each ‘suspect’.