Listen to one boy’s account of a London air raid in 1916 during World War One. It was Sunday, September 2nd, when William Leefe Robinson of the Royal Flying Corps shot down the first Zeppelin air ship in the First World War. The attack woke Patrick, who wrote an account of the attack to his father. The event is also known as Zep Sunday. Thousands of people came from miles around to the village of Cuffley to find a souvenir from the event. Lieutenant Robinson was rewarded with the highest military award for gallantry, the Victory Cross.

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Children could pupils research Zeppelin air raid procedures and plan a public information leaflet explaining what should happen when you first spot an enemy aircraft in the skies approaching Britain. The leaflet could give advice on the best way to protect yourself in a raid and explain how the 'all clear' will be signalled. Children could write an imaginary account of a Zeppelin air raid in a letter to a member of their family or as an entry in their diary.