An introduction to Stirling in Scotland and the surrounding area. Presenter Tess climbs the Wallace Monument for views of Stirling. The River Forth twists its way to the sea. Its meandering course and floodplain, also called the Carse, are clearly visible. The views also take in the Ochil Hills. The Wallace Monument overlooks an important crossing point on the River Forth, which is also the site of many historical battles.

First broadcast:
6 March 2008

The class could use this clip to begin a discussion on aerial views of countries and towns. Children could consider what they would see if they stood on top of their school. What geographical features could they label in their own drawings? This clip could also be used to discuss the creation of landscapes such as the mountains and the river. A class could also research into the part that rivers, castle moats and lakes have played in relation to famous battles and the successful settlements that have now turned into villages and towns that still exist today.