The different functions of the police service are discussed. Crime prevention work includes advising people on improving their security. Street patrols and preserving the peace are also important functions. In particular, city centres can become focal points for crime on Friday and Saturday nights. It is the job of the police to make these areas as safe as possible.

First broadcast:
17 February 2001

This clip could be used to introduce discussion into the functions of the police and the best use of police time. Following the clip, students could take part in a 'diamond ranking' group activity. Students are provided with various police activities on cards and asked to rank these activities in order of what they believe is the most valuable use of police time. The activities which they believe are most important would be placed at the 'top' of the 'diamond', whereas the duties which they believe are the least important would be placed at the bottom. After discussion, the leader of the group could report their agreed answers back to the class, for a teacher-led class discussion.