A bicycle ride through the Dutch countryside allows the flat landscape to be explored. The cycle paths were made especially for bikes and offer safe, easy cycling. The paths are elevated on man-made dykes, giving cyclists a good view over the lower lying countryside from which the name Netherlands originates. A graphic map is used to show how the land has been reclaimed using the formation of dykes.

First broadcast:
14 March 2008

Pupils could begin by listing the advantages of cycling as a model of transport. Using a map or plan of the local area, pupils could use it to design their own cycle paths and safe cycle routes to and from school. Pupils may like to create posters or guides promoting safe cycling as a mode of transport in their local area. A more practical activity could be to take the pupils out to conduct a survey of the cycling facilities in the local area followed by suggestions of how it could be improved. Pupils may also like to conduct a questionnaire to the school population and their families to find out how many people use bicycles and how more could be encouraged.