Some animals that live in the jungle are good at hiding - Monkeys hide at the top of the trees; elephants can hide behind leaves; rhinos cover themselves in mud; leaf bugs, toads, and butterflies can look like a leaf; and chameleons change the colour of their skin.

First broadcast:
3 June 2007

Useful to stimulate discussion about how animals in the jungle are suited to their environment. Give each pair an animal from the clip to focus on and when they are watching they must identify how their allocated animal camouflages itself in the jungle. Following the clip, gather the children’s responses together. Ask the children to consider what it would be like for them (humans) to live and survive in the jungle - what dangers could there be? How could we camouflage ourselves in the jungle? Set the children the challenge to see which pair can design the best camouflage for humans in the jungle.