Barnaby Bear is walking on Moel Famau, North Wales, when he hears someone calling for help. A young girl, Ellen, was wearing slippery shoes and fell over when she was running. Barnaby dials 999 and asks for the mountain rescue service. He is able to tell the service team where he is and also provides the grid reference from his map. Barnaby marks the end of the mountain path with his orange picnic ground sheet. This acts as a marker to guide the rescue teams to the incident. Barnaby wraps Ellen in a survival blanket. The rescue team arrives and Barnaby is praised for his map reading skills.

First broadcast:
23 April 2007

After watching the clip, children could be asked to create a simple set of instructions about what to do if someone gets into trouble whilst walking or climbing on a mountain. Alternatively, children could be presented with a simple map and simple coordinates on the map. They could role-play the scenario that someone has been injured at a certain point, and using the instructions they had created earlier, could act out the rescue scene. They could start by reading off the map the coordinates where the person was injured, right up until the person is found and rescued. Children could have a go at drawing their own map with coordinates on and they could be asked to draw certain landmarks at particular coordinates.