The hare bumps into the tortoise and laughs at its slowness, so they have a race to see who is the fastest animal in the forest. However, the hare gets distracted on the way to the final flag - who will win?
This fable is also known as 'The Tortoise and the Hare'.

This clip is from:
German - Frau Holle
First broadcast:
23 January 2009

Before watching, pupils could read a simplified version in English of the Aesop's fable. Pupils could be asked to explain in their own words the moral message of the story and to give their opinion about it. After watching the clip, pupils could then discuss the differences between the clip and the original version of the story. Pupils could be encouraged to use some of the language in the clip in their PE lessons such as the numbers 1-4 and the French for 'ready steady go'.