An introduction to the importance of data organisation and tallying. Following a storm, Robinson Crusoe lands on an island. He wants to keep a record of how long he is on the island. Random recording of the days is not helpful so he starts to organise his data. He groups together neat sets of five marks, by way of tallying.

First broadcast:
25 May 2007

Could be used as part of a lesson on introducing pupils to tally charts. Following watching the clip, pupils could be put into groups and given something to go around the class and record in tallies, for example one hair colour, eye colour or favourite colour. So one group would, for example, be told to count and record everyone with brown hair and another group told to do the same for everyone with black hair. They could then go around and collect the data with, at this stage, no attention paid to whether every five is being marked off appropriately. Gathered together again, the teacher could then ask pupils to show their charts. If there are some who have neglected to mark off each five with a through line, the clip can be shown again to remind them how to do this. Pupils can then be given another piece of paper in their groups and asked to do the same thing but this time including the through line for every fifth number.