Kris Marshall reads two stories from Arthurian legend, written here in comic verse. When King Uther dies, it's not clear who the next King should be, so the wise wizard Merlin sets up a test with a magic sword. Whoever pulls the sword from the stone is to be King. Many knights pull on the sword without success, but Arthur, who is only there to serve as page to his brother Kay, pulls it out easily and Merlin proclaims him King. Arthur then builds his great court of Camelot. Years later King Arthur wants to send his best three Knights on a quest for the Holy Grail. Galahad sits in a chair reserved for the best knight and is sent on the quest along with Lancelot and Percival. They find the Grail and bring it back to Camelot but on holding the Grail, Galahad is sent up to Heaven. 'Crazy Camelot Capers' was written by Tony Mitton and illustrated by Arthur Robins.

First broadcast:
16 February 2007

Students could write their own poems for King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, employing the same rhyming and beat structure as the stanzas in this clip. Students could go on to discuss whether they think the story of King Arthur is true or false, and explore the distinction between history and legends. Can legends be based on actual events? Students could research the evidence that Arthur was a real King.