Presenter Rodd helps us learn how lack of sleep affects how our brain works. Rodd is usually very organised but he is staying up too late playing computer games. The children help him realise how badly he is affected by the lack of sleep through playing a memory game. Rodd then goes off for a good night's sleep and returns bright and cheery with a tidy house. He plays another memory game and is able to remember things much more clearly.

To play the first game you will need scissors, a pencil sharpener, rubber, apple and a lunchbox. For the second - scissors, a watch, a water bottle, pencil and sock are required.

This clip is from:
Talkie Time
First broadcast:
8 February 2011

Throughout this clip, read out the dialogue written on the screen during the sketch as though actually talking with Rodd. There is an opportunity to play a memory game with Rodd. In order to do so, a tray will need to be prepared with scissors as well as a pencil sharpener, rubber, apple and a lunchbox and for the second game: scissors, a watch, a water bottle, pencil and sock are needed.

Students could then discuss the importance of a good night’s sleep. They could recall what happened to Rodd when he stayed up too late, and share their own experiences of being tired at school. Students could share how they feel when they are tired and consider whether this is a nice feeling. Ask students to draw two contrasting pictures, one in which they have not had a good night’s sleep, and one in which they have. These pictures could be shared with the class and students could identify the differences in the pictures.