An introduction to giving and following directions told through an animated story about a bison travelling to a new waterhole. Young Kay the bison leads the herd of bison on a journey. The journey that the bison make from waterhole to waterhole involves quarter turns and half turns, going straight ahead and turning left and right. The captivating language helps to reinforce the mathematical concepts and vocabulary associated with following directions.

First broadcast:
29 January 2008

This clip would be a good introduction to a lesson or series of lessons related to giving clear directions. It visually shows the result of the directions followed. It would be fun to show this to pupils before setting them the task of giving directions which include quarter and half turns. Can be used to introduce pupils to the practical use of numbers and key terms. The clip can be paused at various points, such as where directions are described, and pupils asked to repeat the instruction that was given to describe that particular direction. As a follow-up, pupils could be asked to name the instruction before it is said on a second viewing of the clip. Once the directions have been established, a volunteer could be chosen from the class and blindfolded. Pupils could then use the terms they have learnt to direct this pupil to a designated target destination.