A wealthy Roman housewife, Romola, takes a merchant on a tour of her villa. She takes him to see her newly painted frescos and describes how they were painted, before relaxing in the dining room and reminiscing about some of her famous banquets. She explains that most of the food for the banquets comes from the farm and how her slaves would prepare and serve the freshest of food. However, Romola's favourite dish may not be to everybody's tastes.

First broadcast:
8 June 2007

This clip could be used as part of a lesson on recording the everyday lives of the Romans. As part of an activity where pupils investigate the key features of Roman lives and how they were affected by the Empire, the clip could be used to help them visualise how it might have looked and add to their knowledge of foods and styles. This could be consolidated by them making a labelled sketch of a Roman household.