Previously, segregation in America was a specific policy but many would argue that it continues today through racial and class discrimination. Alabama's first African American female chief of police describes the obstacles she faces, even in her high powered position. Initially, she reached her position with the assistance of affirmative action. Affirmative action is a government programme that aims to give people from ethnic minorites access to employment and education. There is debate that the practice is itself discriminatory.

First broadcast:
17 October 2007

In this clip, the individuals discuss how America still has racism ingrained in society. This clip would be useful to look at society in the UK and to raise the question if we are different as a nation. Pupils could interview each other and their friends, in order to look at whether or not those interviewed believe that Britain is racist. Students could draw up charts to show certain questions about Britain and racism. These could then be compared to the comments made in the clip.