A look at the work of the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park Authority and the drawing up of a park plan, seen in relation to historic and current hydroelectric power schemes around Loch Lomond.Hydroelectric power is an important source of energy and employment in Scotland. When a new HEP scheme in Glen Falloch Estate was proposed various interest groups debated the potential environmental impact. Four hydro schemes near Loch Lomond that can supply enough electricity for 4,100 homes have been approved by the Scottish Government. The schemes, all on the Glen Falloch Estate near Crianlarich, will create up to 50 jobs in construction and will result in investment back into the Estate.

This clip is from:
Keeping Loch Lomond
First broadcast:
26 January 2012

Debate the land-use conflicts associated with hydroelectric power and around the national park. Use as part of a study on the role of national parks and the pros and cons the status brings to an area. Explore the implications of the scheme on river basin management and consider how the National Park Local Plan relates to river management planning.