Housing campaigners in the late 19th century spoke out about the links between poverty and disease. The clip includes the testimony of Charles Booth, businessman and philanthropist, who surveyed the East End of London; Octavia Hill, reformer, who speaks about the deplorable housing and insanitary conditions in Marylebone, London; and the Rev Samuel Barnett, minister, who asks the rich to do more to help the working poor. There is a particularly vivid description from Booth of a one room family who are ill-nourished and living off tea, bread, margarine and some supplements from the local parish. He describes them as, "...the poorest on my list but typical of a great many others".

This clip is from:
Britain 1750-1900 - Part 1
First broadcast:
28 May 2008

Students could make a list of the key health and housing problems highlighted in the clip. They could research how many of these problems were specific to London, how many were general to cities across Britain. The class could then work together, creating a list of measures to tackle the problems and prioritising the order in which they should be addressed. Compare the problems outlined with modern day issues related to global poverty.