A news report on the official opening of the new Hafod Eryri building in 2009. The building on Snowdon's summit was opened by Rhodri Morgan, then First Minister of Wales. It replaced the original building designed by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, a building which had come to be called 'the highest slum in Wales'.

This is a Welsh language clip.

This clip is from:
BBC Cymru, Dysgu

Use this clip when doing work about Wales or when discussing holidays. The clip is a starting point for discussion of questions such as: "Pam mae pobl yn dod i Gymru ar wyliau?" ("Why do people come to Wales on holiday?") This clip could also be used when looking at the theme of special events. It is an opportunity to present work on adjectives. Ask pupils to think of adjectives that describe the feeling of being on the summit of Snowdon and then to create sentences containing those adjectives. This clip can be used as a stimulus for writing about a special event, using the past tense and focusing on how they felt. Students can be asked to prepare an individual presentation about a special event in their lives.