A discussion about the conditions needed by strawberries for healthy growth. Shauna Lowry and a farmer look at strawberries growing in a field. They discuss how the warmth of the sun is important in ripening the fruit. They also talk about how the strawberry fruit progresses from a blossom to a ripe red berry around mid-June. Finally, they discuss how the young plants are kept warm under plastic covers after being planted in the winter months.

First broadcast:
8 October 2007

Ask pupils what conditions plants need to grow successfully and record their answers as diagrams. The clip could then be shown and discussed. It could also be used as an introduction to a topic on plants and life cycles. Depending on the time of year, pupils could plant their own strawberries in containers or the school garden and record progress using photographs. An extended project could be done where a variety of fruit and vegetables are grown and harvested for consumption in school or to take home. A link could be made in Design and Technology where jams and soups could be made.