Extract from drama 'Dear Nobody'. A teenage couple, Helen and Chris, begin a sexual relationship. The difficult decisions they face when Helen falls pregnant are explored. Here, Helen and Chris try to deal with the complex range of consequences related to the decision to keep the baby. Helen is communicating and beginning to explore the options and opportunities that may be available to her once she has a baby. She is developing a growing confidence as the reality of pregnancy and a baby draw closer. Chris, who still loves Helen, is frustrated at his exclusion from the process and Helen's life. A chance and unfortunate encounter leaves some questions to be asked.

Students could use this clip to discuss exploring pregnancy choices and be asked "What is adoption?" As a talking point, they can think about how a relationship can evolve before deciding to conceive and ask when is the right time to choose to conceive. They could discuss Helen's decision to try and cool her relationship with Chris and the impact on both of them. They could also discuss where they would to go to access support and advice. This is the fifth of six clips from the series 'Dear Nobody'.