An ornithologist talks about the effects of global warming on different birds at Aber Falls near Bangor in Wales. She discusses the fact that birds are now nesting at the site two to three weeks earlier than they were in 1996, and fears that we will inevitably lose certain species if nothing is done to lessen the effects of climate change.

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Week In Week Out, Wilder Wales

Investigate historical data with the class to show how climates are changing. Examples could include the Keeling Curve, the ice core, CO2 ppm and mean global temperature values. Students should consider the relevance of such evidence to the Welsh climate and ecosystems and appreciate that ecosystems exist at different scales. Discuss the impact of changing fauna on ecosystems. Using the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, research could be undertaken on the likely consequences of a changing climate on ecosystems and people. Students could explore the role of particular bird species within food chains and webs. They could assess the consequences of seasonal changes, before examining evidence from the Woodland Trust Wildlife Survey.