The importance of the Bible and baptism for Christians. Matthew, a Christian, describes how the Bible is very important to his family and other people of his faith. We also find out about how churches may look different, but the celebrations inside are the same, including weddings and baptism. Baptismal promises are compared to the promises made by Matthew when he joined the Cub Scouts.

First broadcast:
15 April 1997

Could be used as part of work about churches. The children could label the main parts of a church including the spire, stained glass window, cross, pulpit. The children also need to be aware that all churches do not necessarily contain all of these places and parts. The children could sort out pictures of buildings into churches and not churches using a wide range of different style churches and other buildings. Another use could be to discuss events that happen in a church and the children could draw pictures of the different events such as weddings, funerals, harvest festivals and christenings.