Three experts offer arguments in favour of the legalisation of cannabis. Danny Kushlik, a drug policy campaigner, believes that the only way to control drug use is to legalise it. Chief Superintendent Paul Pearce is a policeman who believes drugs must be legalised if crime figures are to ever come down. Zerrin Atakan is a senior lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry and expert on the effects of cannabis on the brain. She argues that without legalisation users will never know the true contents and possible effects of what they're smoking. Sophia, a young woman who suffered psychotic episodes in her youth after smoking cannabis, travels to meet Zerrin to talk about the effects of cannabis on the brain.

This clip contains scenes of drug use.

This clip is from:
Secondary Citizenship
First broadcast:
16 June 2009

After watching the clip, pupils could conduct a class survey collecting each other's opinions on whether they believe cannabis should be legalised or not. After considering the results, pupils could then be asked to write a letter to the Prime Minister arguing for or against legalisation of the drug. Pupils could also be asked to create a presentation aimed at young people to warn them of the dangers of taking cannabis.