How to solve a real life problem using subtraction, in this case declaring items at customs when returning from holiday. The puppets have 23 chilli peppers but are only allowed to take 15. They need help to work out 23 minus 15 so someone else can take the extra peppers. El Nombre arrives and helps them do the calculation. The 23 peppers are laid out in 4 lots of 5 and a 3. The answer is worked out by taking away the 3 and knowledge of the 5 times table is applied to take the number down from 20 to 15.

First broadcast:
3 December 2001

Ask the class who has been on holiday abroad. Explain that one of the rules is that people can only bring a certain amount of weight and goods back into the country. With a problem posed, explain that Little One's family have been out on their holidays again and made a mistake by the amount of items they can bring back. Explain they have too many chillies and bottles of perfume per person. What can they do? Watch the clip further and it shows the children how the amounts can be grouped; linking it with multiplication and division. Pause after the chilli questions when amounts need to be taken away and the children answer. With a list of items, the children have to correct the mistakes by subtracting amounts away so they can get back into the country. Pictures and practical resources can be used so the children can visualise these; including chillies, perfume, sun cream.