Why did the brown bear evolve into the polar bear? Animation describing how brown bears adapted to life in the Arctic. Sam, a young tortoise, is hungry. Grandad Charlie tells him a story about how brown bears had to travel a long distance to find food. A group of brown bears went to a region which was cold and inhabited by seals living on ice. The bears were hungry but their paws weren't good for walking on snow and ice, their fur wasn't thick enough for the cold conditions and the seals could easily see them coming with their brown fur. After a long, long time, some bears were born with bigger, thicker paws and with warmer, lighter-coloured fur. These were the bears which flourished. They are now called polar bears.

First broadcast:
3 March 2009

Pupils could create a flow chart describing the process of how bears have adapted to suit different habitats after watching this clip. When conducting work on classification and identification, children could use this clip as a means of support, in the creation of identification and branching keys for different bear species.