Two presenters briefly explain the events of Jesus' arrest, sentencing and crucifixion. The clip focuses on Peter's denial of Jesus in particular. The events are dramatised by a group of actors to illustrate the story, and the significance of the symbol of the cross is explained.

First broadcast:
23 January 2008

Students could investigate two of the gospel accounts of the Easter story, such as Mark 16 and Luke 24, comparing and contrasting their details. Challenge students to produce a storyboard telling one version of the Easter story, or create a table to list the similarities and differences between the two Gospel accounts.

Students could imagine themselves as someone who let Jesus down - either Judas or Peter. They could develop a piece of drama where they explain their actions or feelings. The word 'deny' in the context of Peter's 'denial' of Jesus will need explaining. Explore and compare the symbol of the cross in different forms - on a chain worn as a necklace, at the front of a church or on a headstone or grave.

Students could also make a big Celtic cross decorated with illustrations which depict the story of Easter.