The clip focuses on the Ten Commandments and explains why these are found within both the Bible and the Jewish Torah. For the Jews, the Torah sets out the laws, or rules, of how God wants them to live. The Ten Commandments are a fundamental set of rules. The clip starts with scenes in the synagogue, and each of the commandments is presented in a lively fashion by children on a football field.

First broadcast:
16 January 2004

This clip would fit into a unit on how sacred texts are important to religious people and how they relate to the everyday lives of followers. It refers to both Christianity and Judaism. Ask pupils what the world would be like without rules. Imagine road systems, sports or a classroom without rules. What about more general rules for living? Can they work in groups to come up with five or ten rules for life? After watching the clip, ask pupils to write down as many of the commandments as they can remember. Compare with their own lists. Divide them into more obvious, easy to keep rules such as 'don't commit murder' and others that are more difficult or don't seem quite as bad, for example, 'don't want things someone else has got'. How does it help religious people to have rules given to them?