In this clip we hear how Jenny does not want to get up in the morning. She feels that there is always conflict between herself and her mum and brother. Jenny describes constant nagging and how her friends' families are much nicer than hers. We see her writing an advert putting her family up for sale.

This clip is from:
Watch, Me and My Family
First broadcast:
4 May 2007

Students could watch this for a second time, and be asked to identify a time when conflict could have been avoided by acting differently. Whenever students see conflict about to start they could shout stop and the clip could be paused.

Students could say what they think could be done differently, and they could role-play the scene to see how the situation could be solved without conflict. At the end students could be asked to draw a picture of Jenny and her family having a conflict-free morning. They could add a thought bubble to each character to describe how they feel on this harmonious morning.