How to count and add coins together by putting them into piles. In this animation, El Nombre helps a child raise money for the school bell by charging 10p for each child, but he struggles with adding up how much he has saved. El Nombre sorts the money into groups of the same coins, totalling each group and then adding them together.

This clip is from:
Numbertime, Money: Up to £2
First broadcast:
3 November 2000

Watch the clip first and explore the method used to count the total amount of money. Children can then be given a purse containing a set of different coins and asked to find out how much money is in the purse by placing coins in piles of the same type and then adding up the total. Children can then be given the following coins: 10p, 5p, 5p, 5p, 2p, 2p, 2p, 2p, 2p, 2p, 1p, 1p, 1p. They can compare two approaches. Either place the coins in piles of the same amount and find the total or place the coins in piles which make 10p. They can consider which is the most efficient approach and compare this with other strategies they have for finding the total of strings of numbers.