The clip opens with the question, 'why do Christians call such a sad day Good Friday?' Two presenters briefly explain the events of Good Friday and the empty tomb, illustrated by actors depicting the scene. The symbol of the egg at Easter is then explained.

First broadcast:
23 January 2008

This clip could be used to introduce Easter symbols. Students could think of the different kinds of food eaten at Easter and try to guess what they represent. For example, chocolate eggs to represent new life, Simnel cake with 12 marzipan balls to represent the 12 disciples, and hot cross buns with the symbol of the cross.

Students could also devise a list of keywords that tell part of the Easter story such as; ‘palm’, ‘supper’, ‘wine’, ‘Peter’, ‘cross’ and so on, and use these to decorate hard-boiled eggs. Afterwards, students could choose an egg to hold, while explaining the significance of that word to the class.