With eating places in abundance, many Chinese like to go out for a meal. There's a lot to choose from; Sichuanese hotpot and Cantonese stir-fry are just two of hundreds of China's varied cuisines. Alternatively there are food stalls on the streets, where you can eat equally tasty, but often strange dishes, like deep fried grasshoppers.

For the Mid-Autumn Festival a home-cooked dinner is the meal of choice, with all members of the family getting together over a sumptuous meals including fish and vegetables. This clip covers vocabulary for various foods, saying what you like and ordering portions of street food.

First broadcast:
4 November 2010

Design a match-up game and ask students to find answers from the clip. On the left of a piece of paper, paste pictures of different kinds of food shown in the clip. On the right side print Chinese characters of the food in the wrong order. Students need to match up the pictures with the correct Chinese characters while they watch the clip.