The central role played by Hitler in gaining support for the Nazi Party is explored, highlighting his appeal, skill as a speaker and charisma. Information on Nazi election success and Hitler being made chancellor is given, along with clips of Hitler and voting. A brief description of the banning of the Communist Party, the removal of freedoms and the Nazis creation of a one party state under Hitler's rule also features. Fritz Muelebach explains that if Hitler is to save Germany then there must be total obedience.

This clip is from:
History, Nazi Germany
First broadcast:
10 October 2007

List some of the Nazi party’s declared aims and ask students to vote for which they find appealing, The aims should be considered without considering Nazi methods. Debate whether the Nazis would have risen to power without Hitler as leader. Students can make a chart showing the reasons that Hitler was successful in gaining power, ranking them in what they judge to be the order of importance. The clip could also be used to recap the Nazis coming to power and introduce reasons why the Nazis had such little opposition.