An animation in which Professor Allegro presents the full version of the 'Grasshopper Hop'. The performance is set in a country hedgerow in the summertime and features a variety of insects including centipedes, millipedes, bees, ladybirds, beetles and other insects who all move in time to the music.

This clip is from:
Music Makers, In the Fields
First broadcast:
27 March 1998

Students could use this clip to create a musical visualisation. This clip could be played with the image minimised, and students could close their eyes and image the scene being described in this piece of music. Challenge students to create a piece of artwork to depict the image created.

Alternatively, students could use this to consolidate learning on rhythm and repetition. Students could identify all of the instruments they can hear in this piece of music, and match to a picture. They could also identify the repeating rhythm patterns and the instruments playing these.

Students could also use the visual of this clip without the sound to create their own repeating rhythm patterns to depict the different minibeasts. They could then play this in time to the animated movements in the clip.