A report about the significant differences and adaptations between nocturnal and diurnal animals and birds. We watch some bats, owls, fishing cats and kookaburra. We also hear a lyre bird able to copy the sound of a car alarm, camera and chainsaw.

First broadcast:
24 February 2007

Children could practise imitating birdcalls, including some of those illustrated in the clip. Listen again to the 'dawn chorus' section of the clip, then ask children to produce a dawn chorus of their own, gradually joining in with their own bird imitation, until the whole class is singing. Pupils might enjoy a visit to an outdoor area, where they can listen out for birdcalls. Alternatively, they could research birdsong using internet sources. Ask the children to co-operate to draw a set of cards, showing all the different animals from the clip. They could add any other animals they know to be active mostly by day or by night. Shuffle the cards and challenge individuals to sort them into a 'day' and 'night' pile. The fastest sorter wins.