A young German boy called Leonard is celebrating his 10th birthday in a local country park with his friends. First he receives presents and a birthday cake. Then the children go on a treasure hunt with a guide. They discover clues leading to a fairytale about a king, the devil and trees, and in the end they discover the treasure. Commentary in German and English.

This clip is from:
Being German
First broadcast:
13 March 2009

This clip can be used to reinforce some vocabulary for birthday celebrations (happy birthday, presents, candles, birthday cake), maybe in the context of a role play. The pupils work in pairs, one having their birthday, the other being the party guest.
Could be used to look at grammatical gender as indicated by the definite and indefinite article of the caption words. Revise them after having watched the clip, then show the clip again and ask the pupils to define the grammatical gender of the words.