Ramon Tikaram narrates two 'Little Bear' stories. 'Let's Go Home Little Bear' is about a little bear who goes out in the snow to play with his Dad. Little Bear hears lots of noises while he walks, and decides on the source of the noise, all with a normal explanation. When they return to their warm bear cave, Dad tells a story of the sounds they had heard.

'Can't You Sleep Little Bear?' tells the story of the two bears in the summer. As little Bear tries to sleep, he feels scared. Dad tries different ways to send Little Bear off to sleep, before facing his fears. 'Little Bear' stories are written by Martin Waddell and illustrated by Barbara Firth.

First broadcast:
15 February 2008

Both stories allow the relationship between Little Bear and his Dad to be discussed, which could be useful in PSHE. The stories use a variety of vocabulary that could be up levelled, then the story rewritten. Stopping the stories part way through would enable pupils to create their own ending to the stories. Discuss the sounds you may hear in a different setting. Answer questions about the texts, such as "why were the bears out of their cave in the first place? How did Little Bear feel when he returned to the cave?" Repetition features highly in both stories, good for oral rehearsal of stories and performance. Compare the two stories and the characters of Little Bear and his Dad.