An introduction to the development of transport from the bone shaker bicycle to the steam powered car and then on to the petrol car. The Victorians developed the railway network from 500 miles of track to 7,000 miles by 1850. Isambard Kingdom Brunel finished building the Great Western Railway in 1851 at a cost of £6.5 million. Adam Hart-Davis shows a life size recreation of the experiment Isambard Kingdom Brunel used to demonstrate the power of propellers.

First broadcast:
8 January 2009

In four separate groups, pupils could discuss the four different types of Victorian transport in the clip, exploring the impact each of these made, and developing a presentation to make to the whole class. A class debate, or other kind of whole-class plenary activity, could be held to decide which had the greatest impact on Victorian times. As a follow up, pupils could investigate changes in transport in the 20th century, and the impact these have had on our lives.