An explanation of how the Southern Uplands of Scotland were formed. Tour guide Tess explains to the alien Sprocket how, millions of years ago, Scotland was attached to America and England was attached to Europe and Africa. Over time, the two lands moved towards each other. When they met, the edges were pushed upwards forming the Southern Uplands.

First broadcast:
23 January 2009

Pupils could be provided with an atlas or several maps of the world. They could then prepare a map of the world, how they imagine it to have appeared, millions of years ago before the land drifted. They can use facts from the clip and additional internet research to inform their ideas. Another idea could be developed from challenging pupils to locate other mountain ranges across the world. They can mark them on a world map and then consider their location. They could then put together a theory about how each mountain range was formed. The pupils can then re-visit the clip and consider the way Tess explains the formation of the Southern Uplands of Scotland to Sprocket. They can be encouraged to record a clip which explains their formation theories to Sprocket the alien.