An introduction to evolution. From the cloning of early single-celled organisms to sexual reproduction. The cell is introduced as the first life. We see cells dividing in the process of asexual reproduction, which is described as cloning. Images of sperm, eggs and sexual reproduction are then shown. This is described as the catalyst for the huge diversity of life we currently have on Earth. It also explains that sexual reproduction and chance have led to the evolution of man.

This clip is from:
Bitesize Secondary, Science 1
First broadcast:
28 February 2008

This clip can be used by students as a brief introduction to the diversity of life on Earth. This clip opens with a task: list all the animals and plants you see in this clip. The class can order them from those they think are the most evolved to those they think are the least evolved. The clip lends itself very nicely to reviewing this at the end.