Barnaby Bear and Becky use their imaginations to travel back in time and be king and queen of their own castle. They develop a scenario in which Becky is captured and needs rescuing from her captors. Barnaby assumes the stereotypical role of a brave king who rescues his queen. Becky takes some persuading to accept her role as the meek and mild queen who needs him to look after her.

This clip is from:
Barnaby Bear, Legendary Trip
First broadcast:
4 March 2007

Pupils could first of all establish what a good friend is and whether or not Barnaby Bear is being a good friend. Is the little girl happy with what is happening and why? Then pose the question related to gender. Why does Barnaby get to choose and do everything? Can the little girl not do that too? Could she be the Queen and boss Barnaby around just like she is? Is it fair? When the little girl suggests something that is fairer, what does Barnaby do? Is that fair? What would you do to be fair?