Tulloch relates what he saw on the deer drive to Wallace and the inspector. He tells them how Calum was distressed and tried to save the deer Duror had shot, and how Duror went into a frenzy, stabbing at the deer over and over. He believes Duror was mentally attacking something else, such as Calum, his wife Peggy and what he saw as ugly in the world.

This clip is from:
Bitesize English
First broadcast:
10 May 2012

Before watching the clip, students should think about the ways in which we come to understand character and how we learn about characters through their behaviour towards others and how others behave towards them. Ask them to think about incidents in real life that have shown aspects of character (eg standing up to a bully reveals courage, losing temper over something insignificant reveals frustration and anger), then focus on the novel. Ask the students to identify points at which Duror’s character has been revealed through his relationship to others… then watch the clip – what do Duror’s actions reveal about him and his intentions. Also ask students to contrast different viewpoints of Calum’s character - Duror hates him while Mr Tulloch sees him as brave and empathetic. What do these viewpoints say about Mr Tulloch’s character?