The landscapes of India are varied and so are the lives of the country’s people. In Rajasthan, in the north, the buildings and traditional crafts attract tourists. One child's father makes shoes and another organises tours for visitors to the region. In Kerala, in southern India, spice farming provides employment for some families. Kerala means 'The land of the coconut tree', so many families are also involved in farming coconuts. All parts of the coconut are used and produce a range of products from cooking oil to floor mats. The final child lives in Mumbai, one of the largest cities in India. Mumbai has a very busy port and some families import goods through the port.

First broadcast:
26 September 2007

After watching this clip, pupils may be split into small groups to create factsheets on each area depicted in the clip. Each group may be challenged to draw a map locating the region, a description of local industry and businesses, and other interesting information. They could then conduct presentations to their peers. Another fun activity would be to challenge the pupils to match the region with its industry and exports. A colourful wall display may be constructed by the class with a map in the middle and labels and information describing the different regions and their produce. Some of the items described in the clip may be brought in to show how we import some of these items.