Italians love all kinds of music, particularly opera and singing. 'I Cerchi Magici' are a group of young performers in Rome who tell us why they enjoy playing and singing traditional music. We listen to several of their songs, including a traditional Tarantella. We meet some of the performers and find out why they enjoy singing. We also find out the names of some of the musical instruments being played. Contains short interviews in Italian with Italian graphics. Narrated in English.

This clip is from:
Being Italian
First broadcast:
8 February 2010

This clip could be used to develop and reinforce specific language structure such as introductions, giving details about name, age and what their likes are. This may be specifically linked to music.

Could be used to introduce a cross-curricular unit, linking Italian, music, PE and Literacy. Having watched the clip, children can discuss the idea of music that is typical to different countries and cultures.

Could be used to engage the children in performing a typical Tarantella.