Having a top selling brand is important to any business. Creating that image and ensuring your customers go along with it is crucial. Evan Davies tells the story of how Sunny Delight was created and what happened when that image was shattered. The interesting image of the brand actually 'harming' the customer with stories of children turning orange made for a difficult time for the makers of Sunny Delight.

This clip is from:
Marketing Mess-ups
First broadcast:
16 May 2011

Discuss marketing strategy and positioning and the importance of not misleading your customers with false claims. Debate whether the story of Sunny Delight would have been different if it had been marketed as a soft drink rather than a juice. Consider the power of advertisement and publicity, both positive and negative. Students could be given a product for which they have to design branding. They could conduct a survey to get an idea of what could appeal, and explain their design decisions afterwards.